Wet Season Special!

Winter is here… It has settled in with a vengeance!  The early darkness, the rain, and the bike that has brought you through the entire season.  For most riders, the summer season logs a ton of mileage on their trusted steed, and now is the time to make sure that all that use doesn’t cause some major mechanical malfunctions. And now, more than ever, we also want to ride through the wet season (It is the best season after all!!!!) .  The winter does have its downside though, and that is the mechanical cost to pay.  To avoid major issues make sure to give your bike the shoulder season spa treatment it deserves!!!!

This stuff is expensive!!! Maintain it and save!

This stuff is expensive!!! Maintain it and save!

Winter riding can be the bee’s knees but it does do a number on quite a few of the components you have spent dough on.  Be ready for it and also hit all of your proper service intervals at the same time. Protect your investment. Almost every part of your bike needs regular preventative maintenance.

Tear em down, clean em up and put em back together!

Tear em down, clean em up and put em back together!

Perfect time to get your dream wheels built!

Perfect time to get your dream wheels built!


The wet weather here will be putting your bike through a whole new world of hurt and its important that your bike is feeling some love between keeping you safe all summer and being punished this winter.  Therefore…..

BicycleHub is now offering a Winter Overhaul Package, tailored to meet the needs of the North Shore.

The Winter OverHaul Package is priced at $400.00 includes:

Full Tear down of your bike. Headset and BB removed cleaned inspected and reinstalled.

Full Drive Train Clean, Including Cassette/Freehub, Chain Sizing

Fork Service- New Oil/Seals, and Damper Inspection and Fluid Replacement

Rear Shock Clean and Inspection

All Bearings Cleaned Inspected and Regreased.

Wheels Trued and Tensioned

Hubs Overhauled

Brakes Bled/Flushed, and Pistons checked

New Cables/Housing Installed

(SKF or Push Ind.)Fork Seals, Motul FactoryLine Fork Oil, Cables/Housing and Brake Fluid included.

All other parts needed are in addition to the above, including damper service for front or rear shock.

This works out to an average savings of $95.00/bike and will ensure that your rig is fully ready to take on the next season. Take care of that which takes care of you! Give me a shout or send me an email to set up your appointment today!

Don't let your oil/fluids look like this.... Your bike deserves better

Don’t let your oil/fluids look like this…. Your bike deserves better

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