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Recently I had the pleasure of traveling to Whistler to spend some time with SRAM/RockShox suspension guru Shawn Cruickshanks.  Shawn is an industry vet who has cut his teeth over the years in every corner of the industry.

Shawn supports all SRAM product

Shawn supports all SRAM product

He now runs Fluid Function, a high end service centre that supports SRAM/Rockshox and Truvative product.

Free Hat! Total Bonus

Free Hat! Total Bonus

He is incredibly down to earth and his passion for suspension and performance is apparent as soon as you walk in the door.

Being located in Whistler BC Shawn has been forced to deal with some of the most demanding conditions to work in.  Not only is every type of riding easily accessible but the is also the Whistler Bike Park, a notorious suspension eater, right around the corner. He has been able to create an environment that supports athletes and gets customers turned around and back to the park in a minimum amount of time.

Fluid Function- Shawn working some magic

Fluid Function- Shawn working some magic


I was able to work with Shawn on a complete overhaul of the new Vivid Air rear shock.  Having pulled these apart myself in the past I knew that it can be a complicated task. There is a plethora of seal and O-Ring sizes required and the technical know how to remove and reinstall everything with just the right amount of lubrication and precision is high.

Doing some custom work on an Air Can

Doing some custom work to ensure a perfect Air Can position




It was great to work with someone who was as organized as Shawn. He had the seals and o-rings needed filed away and knew exactly where to find anything that was needed. Being able to mine his expertise was a huge opportunity for me.  He has probably forgotten more about servicing and tuning RockShox product then most people will ever learn.


It was a great day spent hanging out at his shop.  It was nice to finally meet Shawn as I have always heard a lot about it.  BicycleHub is looking forward to partnering with Shawn to ensure that all customers needs can be taken care of to the highest level of quality.  Just as BicycleHub relies on James Downing and Suspenion Werx for complicated FOX work, it is nice to see RockShox be supported in the same way through Shawn. Another great resource in the pursuit of the “service first” mentality.


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