Services Offered

BicycleHub is a full service shop that can take care of all your repair and maintenance needs! It doesn’t matter if it is a simple flat repair or a full bearing and linkage overhaul, BicycleHub is able to handle it all.

This stuff is expensive!!! Maintain it and save!

This stuff is expensive!!! Maintain it and save!

Todays bikes are finely engineered and high performance machines.  The adventures that are facilitated by this are unending…. until they break.  Service intervals are required on everything from your suspension to your wheel tensions. Brake pads, Bearings, Cables, they all wear with use and deserve the eyes and hand of a specialist to make sure you get the most out of your ride.  I am proud and honoured to be able to offer my expertise and knowledge to the riding community her in Vancouver.

For those of you who want to drop by and see me the address is 1518 Columbia Street in North Vancouver.  Feel free to pop by any time and check out the space and/or book in your bike for some love.  You can also feel free to email or call me to set up appointments for labour and storage.

Dave McInnes – The Bicycle Hub from Curtis Leblanc on Vimeo.