Flate Rate Chart (FRC)

This chart is an abridged version of BicycleHub’s Flat Rates.  The repairs listed below tend to be the most common services.  Please read the full FRC for more information on pricing.


Tune-Up Packages                 Gear Service                           Brake Service                         Hub Service

 Basic                        $37.50  Install Fr Der.        $18.00  Install Disk Brake   $26.75 ea.  Fr. Hub Adj.            $15.00
 Advanced                  $75.00  Adj. Fr. Der.           $15.00  Bleed Disk Brake    $30.00 ea.  RR Hub Adj.            $22.50
 Comprehensive         $125.00  Install RR Der.        $18.50  Pad Replacement   $11.25 ea.  Fr. Hub Overhaul     $22.50
 Overhaul                  $225.00  Adj. RR Der.           $21.00  Overhaul               $52.50 ea.   RR Hub Overhaul   $30.00



Headset Service     Bottom Bracket Service   Wheel Service        Fork Service

Adj Headset$7.50 Adj. BB$15.00 Minor Wheel True$15.00 Seal/Oil Change$47.50
Overhaul Headset$30.00 Overhaul BB$30.00 Major Wheel True$30.00 Spring Change$15.00
Install Headset$30.00 Replace BB$30.00 Wheel Build$60-75.00 Air Spring Service$37.50
Install Fork$37.50 Install Pressfit BB$37.50 Install Wheel$15-22.50 Damper Service Hourly


Pivot Service

Rear Linkage Bearing Service$150.00-250.00

All prices listed are for LABOUR ONLY!  Parts are NOT included.

Starting to pull apart a Demo 8 for Overhaul


The monthly fee for bike storage will be $65.00.  This will include a quick clean and a race tune every time you bring your bike back to be put away.  The Race Tune will include a headset check, minor gear and brake adjustments, lubing the chain and pumping the tires.  Any other work needed will be discussed and priced upon arrival.

Can’t wait to see you all