About BicycleHub

BicycleHub is owned and operated by Dave McInnes (myself) and will forever be located on the gorgeous North Shore of Vancouver. It is a one of a kind shop that focuses solely on repairing your bike to the highest levels. As a rider, racer and mechanic, I know first hand the value of having your bike working to perfection. Small things make a huge difference to the quality of any ride and BicycleHub pays attention to them all.  For those riders who already own the bike of their dreams, BicycleHub is the only choice for service.

Trusting your bike is the key to loving your rides!

Trusting your bike is the key to loving your rides!

























I’ve managed service departments for all sizes of shop and have come to see the need for a shop focused on high end service.  The cycling market is growing and, much like the automotive industry, there is now a serious need for experienced mechanics offering a focus on repair and maintenance.  BicycleHub will fill this need for any and all cyclists who value professional and timely service, with no push for a new bike sale. My only priority is fixing your ride! You don’t need a new bike, you just need the one you have to work better!

Founded in 2012 BicycleHub has been able to help everyone from the local pros to the weekend warriors get out and enjoy their rides.  Give BicycleHub a shout next time you need some help giving your bike the love it deserves!