Creating New Mechanics

More people then ever are enjoying their bikes on a regular basis.  This is awesome. It also means that mechanics are more sought after then ever.  No matter if the goal is to simply keep your own bike running or to secure a job within our industry, proper training is a must.

Enter the Bike Room! The Bike Room is a North Shore based company that is run by Jeff Bryson.  He has been a master mechanic for a number of years as well as being a nationally ranked pro downhill racer.  He lives and breathes bikes and is now able to pass that knowledge on to you. The Bike Room has a stable of bike related interests, from rep’ing the safest lids around in Kali, to racing and now to Mechanics and Service Manager training.

Having graduated from differing bike schools (ie, Winterborne, UBI, and now  The Bike Room) I can be very honest in saying the Bike Room offers the best mechanical training around. Jeff’s approach of teaching the concepts behind the mechanical components is one that allows for skills to pass beyond specific brands and enables the student to feel confident and able to tackle everything they need to keep their bikes moving well.

Classes are available for Women Only, Intro Levels, Brake Systems, Wheel Builds and full fledged Professional Mechanic Training.  Jeff also offers training to bike shop service department managers and owners. This training focus’ on high standards of work and ensuring that service areas are profitable and a benchmark of quality to which your entire store can be held.

Jeff believes in teaching at an early age


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For those that don't know me, I'm an avid rider and a mechanic who has been running service departments for the past 6 years. During this time I have seen first hand the need for a shop to exists that offers mechanical service ONLY, no sales! This way you can always be assured that your bike repair is my top priority, not pushing a new sale. I can bring all of my experience and passion to fixing the bike you already own, making it the best it can be. Ensuring that your trusty steed is in top notch shape is the biggest way for my passion for bikes to upgrade the quality of your ride experience.